National Delegate Ballot Petition Form 2024

Maine is entitled to 24 pledged delegate seats at the Democratic National Convention. These seats are distributed to presidential candidates based on the Presidential Primary results. 

People who run for national delegate run for a specific category (1st Congressional District, 2nd Congressional District, At-Large, or Party Leaders & Elected Officials), and for a specific candidate who won national delegate seats in that category. If elected, they are bound to vote for that candidate at the Democratic National Convention.

Delegates are responsible for the costs of attending the convention. Expenses including airfare, hotel (four-day minimum) and food costs could run as high as $4,000. Delegates are able to raise funds to defray their costs.

Any registered Maine Democrat may use this form to take out a petition to get on the ballot to run for National Delegate. These petitions require 25 signatures of State Delegates and Alternates from the Delegate Category you select.