Basic information about the MDP state convention and the election of delegates to the national convention.

Important Dates

  • March 5 – Maine Presidential Primary
  • May 17 – Deadline to file for all elected positions, and to file amendments to the Charter and Platform
  • May 31 & June 1 – Maine Democratic State Convention in Bangor

State Convention

  • Registration for the State Convention will become available after the presidential primary by March 15
  • State convention delegates will declare their presidential preference as they register.
  • DNC members and presidential electors will be elected, county parties will elect their DSC members, and a platform and charter amendments will be considered.
  • Voting will be online, starting in the week before the state convention. If you cannot attend, you may vote from home.

National Convention delegates

  • Maine will have 32 delegates and 2 alternates to the Democratic National Convention.
  • Results from the primary will determine the number of national delegates each presidential candidate will have.
  • 24 delegates will be elected according to the presidential primary vote, and 8 will be automatic. 
  • Delegates will be elected by congressional district, statewide, and in a category for elected Democrats and Democratic Party officers.