March Update

Greetings Cumberland County Dems:
We are reaching out to share, and congratulate, the new CCDC Executive Team. At our last CCDC General Meeting, Meghan Casey was elected to be our 1st Vice Chair, Nancy Green was elected 2nd Vice Chair, and Angel Butts Secretary. Joe Zamboni will stay on as the permanent Chair. Congratulations to all! 
A reminder also that today is the CCDC Executive Team “Listening Session.”

This is a time where CCDC members can have a forum to speak to the Executive Committee directly about how our committee can be more effective and strategic, moving forward. The Listening Session is not meant to replace a General Meeting, or provide a forum for questions, debate, or answers, but simply a place for folks to express ideas, proposals, and suggestions for a bluer county. 

Please join us today, Sunday, March 13, from 4:00 – 5:00 PM using the registration link below.

Register Here

As always, we invite those with questions, comments, feedback, or concerns to reach out to me and the whole Executive Team at the CCDC Chair email address: Your contributions and your input are extremely important to us. 

Looking ahead, the next CCDC General Meeting will be Sunday, April 24th from 3:00 – 5:00 PM using the registration link below. 

Register Here

Watch last month’s meeting here:  CCDC Meeting (Passcode: #42QA&1N)