Details Re: Upcoming CCDC General Meeting

A reminder for our upcoming General Membership Meeting scheduled for Sunday, February 20th 3:00 – 5:00 PM (virtually by Zoom). Watch the recording here: CCDC Meeting (Passcode: #42QA&1N)

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Please join the meeting early to assist us in preparing for a vote (you need to be in the meeting by 3:00 so that we can prepare for voting).

Our Agenda

  1. Welcome
    1. Approval of Chair’s Agenda – Acting Chair
    2. Approval of the December Minutes – Secretary
    3. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer
  2. Upcoming Events – Caucus & Convention
  3. Welcome & Statement from Rep. Jim Boyle
  4. Municipal Committee Report
  5. Proposed Amendment to the CCDC Bylaws & Vote (more information below)
  6. Elections of CCDC Officers (more information below) (notice)
  7. Review of Previously Approved CCDC Facebook Policy
  8. Review of Proposed Public CCDC Information & Vote
  9. Upcoming Listening Session (more information below)
  10. Election of New General Membership
  11. Candidates Introductions – Time Limited
  12. New Business


The roles of CCDC Chair, Vice-Chair, and 2nd Vice-Chair are currently open! These roles, especially in election years, are incredibly important (and can be time-consuming too). These positions are also part of the CCDC Executive Committee – the decision-making body of CCDC in between General Membership meetings. The Executive Committee meets roughly every two weeks. You do not need to be a present member of the CCDC to run, but you do need to be registered as a Democrat in Cumberland County. Those who have expressed interest have submitted information below. Nominations will also be taken from the floor on February 20th. We will also elect a representative to the State Committee from Cumberland. 

*Additional notice – If any election results in a vacancy in another CCDC office, an election for that position shall follow immediately.

You can read more about the roles of Chair, Vice-Chair, and 2nd Vice-Chair at the CCDC Bylaws Page.

Meghan Casey for First Vice Chair

Brendan K. Williams for First Vice Chair

Brendan is a stand up comedian and restaurant employee currently living in South Portland, Maine. He has been involved in politics before he was even old enough to vote, since his mother is a longtime political activist and elected official. After moving to Southern Maine, Brendan began volunteering for various candidates including Betsy Sweet, South Portland Mayor Deqa Dhalac, Governor Janet Mills, and Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign, among others. Brendan is currently a member of South Portland Human Rights Commission and the Civil Service Commission, which played a role in the recent hiring of a new police chief.

The reason Brendan wants to run for Vice President of the Cumberland County Dems is because he believes the party needs to work harder to bring in more people with disabilities and believes the party can play a major role in electing candidates with various disabilities (both physical, cognitive, and even invisible disabilities) and help pass bills that will help the disability community in the State of Maine. Brendan is hard of hearing and has witnessed first hand the hardship that the pandemic has put on those with disabilities, who have often been ignored in the political discussions.

Brendan believes that his life experience as a disabled person is the most important asset that he brings to the table besides his dedication to a life in politics. To quote Anne Richards, former governor of Texas, “If you are not at the table then you’re probably on the menu”.

Nancy Green for Second Vice Chair

A little about Nancy:

·       Nancy was born and raised in Mexico, bilingual in Spanish and English;

·       She is a Masters prepared Certified Nurse Midwife with more than 28 years of experience. Retired (2021);

·       Certified Addiction Specialist;

·       Currently working as a Spanish interpreter for Catholic Charities of Maine and House of Languages;

·       Lived in Washington County Maine from 1983 to 2015, currently living in Yarmouth;

·       Co-founded a grass roots organization in Calais Maine, (NADA = Neighbors Against Drug Abuse) to combat the major issue of opioid addiction, in Washington County and the State of Maine;

·       Brought education, funding and treatment to the State, which was absent at that time;

·       Testified in DC, in front of the Senate Committee on Health, Education and Labor at the invitation of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen Susan Collins, about the overwhelming problem of addiction in the State of Maine, mainly related to the abuse of prescription drugs;

·       Created many addiction programs, initiatives and collaboratives in Maine, in which I am still active;

·       Co-authored multiple publications relating to addiction affecting pregnancy and lectured Nationally and in Maine

·       Former President of the Maine Chapter of the American College of Nurse Midwives

·       Legislative liaison for Maine Midwives and the American College of Nurse Midwives

·       Received several awards from the Maine Hospital Association in recognition of outstanding professionalism and accomplishments benefiting the people of Maine.

·       Former member of Washington County Democratic Committee 

·       Participated in planning County & Municipal Caucuses and attended Maine State Conventions

·       Member of Cumberland County Democratic Committee since 2015 and has led the DEI Committee CCDC;

·       Member of the CCDC Executive Committee 

Be A Delegate!

Delegates will make important decisions about the Party’s issue platform, rules, and who serves on our leadership committee at the Democratic State Convention in May.

Learn More and Sign Up Here

Nominations for State Delegate are open through February 20 and online voting will take place from February 27 through March 6. Don’t delay! Participation is open to all Maine Democrats.

Bylaws Amendment Proposal

This proposal would create a permanent CCDC Anti-Racism & Inclusion Committee (becoming our 4th CCDC Standing Committee). According to the Bylaws, this proposal needs to be simply voted up or down at our meeting, modification is not permitted.

Read the Proposed Bylaw Amendment Here