It’s a Watch Party ….. it’s a Fundraiser ….. it’s a Campaign Kickoff….. it’s a FREE*** Zoom-A-Thon ***FREE

We call it a ZOOM-A-THON and it is a mix of Watch Party and Telethon Fundraiser. It will occur, via Zoom and live YouTube and Facebook feeds, from 7:30 – 10 PM on July 14th. In addition to local results from the municipalities, we will have short presentations to fill the time between results…stories, history, and ideas for a fall campaign like no other. Gov Mills will provide a welcome.

Originally, it began as a simple fundraiser in February called “101 Years of Activism: Celebrating Strong Women in Politics and Community – Honoring the Legacy of Frances Perkins”. But times change and so do we. This virtual event no longer requires a separate admission ticket. But campaign cost have not gone away. The Sponsors and other supporters from the earlier event are still with us. A bit like PBS – You can watch for FREE! But we will ask for donations during the event.





Congresswoman Chellie Pingree

Steve & Rachel Hendrickson

Neil & Heather Jamieson


Senator Rebecca Millett & Kevin Kobel

Bill & Karen Birthisel

Rev. Dr. Scott DeBlock & Heidi DeBlock MD


Karen Hessel, Harlan Baker