Hello All,

We just completed a great convention in Lewiston, representative of all the best of the Democratic Party. There were several highlights:

Unlike what we saw at the Republican convention, we adopted a platform that is representative of the best values of American society, what makes us proud to be Democrats. (…and no schoolrooms were defaced…) Our gubernatorial candidate won’t have to run away from an extremist platform, but will be able to proudly speak to its principles and proposals. The platform is now ├é┬áposted on this site.

We heard from our state-wide elected officials, Governor Baldacci and Representatives Pingree and Michaud, who represent the best of Maine. We also heard from Tim Kaine, the chair of the national Democratic Party and the immediate past governor of Virginia.

We heard from a great group of gubernatorial candidates: Pat McGowan, Libby Mitchell, Steve Rowe and Rosa Scarcelli. The outcome of the competitive primary (remember to vote…either early or on June 8!!!) assures us a great candidate in November.

We met a number of great candidates for the State Senate and House, who will work to strengthen the Democratic majority in the legislature. All of the candidates will be posted on our website after the primaries are complete.

We elected a great group of representatives to the Democratic State Committee, of whom we can all be proud: Artis Bernard, John Bernard, Heather Curtis, Ed Democracy, Pam Fenrich, Wayne Hollingsworth, Dottie Melanson, Steve Minkowsky, Michael Shaughnessy and Pat Washburn. This strong, diverse group assures that we will be well represented at the state committee.

We look forward to building on the momentum of the convention in the CCDC. I’ve referenced the website; we’ve had a great addition to the CCDC, Pat Washburn, our new webmaster. Pat is extremely talented and has done a fantastic job in the re-design. We’ll be working to post regularly and utilize the site as a communication tool for the county. We encourage you to forward information about your town committees and local events, so that we can share our good work.

We’ll be having our summer event at a Sea Dogs game this year. Everyone had a blast last year; we’ll be providing details shortly and look forward to your joining us. We’re looking to form a fundraising committee, to help us support our fantastic candidates this year and in future campaigns.

Finally, supporting one of our local committees, the South Portland Democratic Committee will be holding a unity dinner on Wednesday, June 16. All of the gubernatorial candidates will be present to set the tone for a great fall campaign. Please let me know if you’d like more details.

As ever, let me know if you have any questions at or at 329.5843. We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

Reid Scher, Chairperson