About the Cumberland County Democratic Committee

The CCDC meets regularly the third Sunday of each month, with locations varying to allow access for residents of the county’s varied locations. Meetings are open to any Democrat and often include presentations from state and national organizations.

Members of the committee are chosen at city and town caucuses held every two years. The last caucuses were held Jan. 31, 2010. If you wish to be a part of the county committee before the next caucus, you may e-mail ccdcchair@gmail.com. Even if we have no committee vacancies open, your energy will be welcome in a volunteer capacity until a spot becomes available.

The CCDC’s mission is to further the cause of the Democratic Party in Cumberland County by supporting the election of Democrats to local, county, state and national positions. In situations where more than one Democrat is seeking the same position, the CCDC does not take sides, but seeks to encourage voters to become familiar with all their Democratic choices.

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