NOTE: State Convention Delegates and Alternates

 Are you a state alternate or delegate? Want to be able to vote on important Party positions and issues? You need to check-in TODAY by 3:00 PM! You can use your personalized check-in and voting link previously emailed to you (which can be retrieved here if you’ve lost it: or call the MDP at (207) 387-7500. If you do not check-in TODAY by 3:00 PM, you will forfeit your position and an alternate will be upgraded to fill it. 

State Convention Candidate Statements

To – all Cumberland County delegates to the state convention:

You now have access to your sample ballot. In the absence of an in-person convention, it is difficult for candidates for various offices to present their qualifications to the delegates of Cumberland County. We have offered candidates for the Democratic State Committee from Cumberland County and to the Democratic National Committee (statewide) the opportunity to develop a video (maximum duration, 3 minutes) that we would post on this website. For each office, we asked the candidates to respond to questions concerning their qualifications for the office.

Democratic State Committee (DSC). Cumberland County will elect 12 delegates and 1 alternate through the convention process. The DSC functions as the governing body of the Maine Democratic Party (MDP) between conventions. Essentially, it functions as the board of a corporation whose work is defined in the MDP Charter.

  1. What do you see as the primary work of the MDP in non-general election years? In general election years?
  2. If elected to the DSC, what are three institutional priorities you believe the DSC should address and how has your past experience prepared you to contribute to addressing the three priorities?
  3. How has your political, volunteer, or organization work in Cumberland County prepared to you represent the county on the DSC?

Lawrence Flaherty

Lois Reckitt

Meghan Casey

Kathy Bouchard

Matthew Dubois

Seth Berner

Margaret Johnson

Steve Hendrickson

Dan Harris

Richard Rudolf   

Democratic National Committee (DNC). In addition to the Chair and Vice-Chair of the MDP, the state convention elects a committeeman and committeewoman to represent Maine at the DNC. The DNC, in addition to being the governing body of the Democratic Party between conventions, provides resources to state parties to enable them to maintain a party structure in each state and to build capacity.

  1. What in your experience or training uniquely qualifies you to serve as Maine’s delegate to the DNC?
  2. What are three priorities you intend to work on in your role should you be elected to the DNC and how has your past experience prepared you for that work?
  3. You will be only one of over 400 delegates to the DNC. How do you propose to advance the interests of the MDP in you role?

Drew Gattine

Jon Hinck

Jonathan Goble

Maureen Ramsey

Matt Bear-Fowler

Megan Smith

DISCLAIMER: The CCDC does not endorse specific candidates. We offered to post statements for all the candidates and these are the ones we received.


Under shutdown conditions, until further notice, Democratic events, including CCDC meetings, have been moved to Zoom. Want to meet a candidate? Zoom it. Got a municipal meeting? Zoom it. Want to interact with other Democrats? Zoom it. Everyone is a first-time Zoomer at some point. YouTube has a series of videos, some good, some not so, to help you get to your first meeting and then become more proficient in the use of Zoom This url starts with how to handle your first experience. After you’ve watched it (just ignore the ads), browse some of the other videos and learn more techniques for making the most of your Zoom experience.

Commit to Vote Card!

This public health crisis has forced us all to change our routines to protect our communities. Having face-to-face conversations is the best way to ensure that Democrats are elected, but we’ve canceled all door knocking because your safety is our top priority.

We’re still fighting for our Democratic values, but we are adapting to keep everyone safe.

Fill out our new digital “Commit to Vote” card to make a difference on Election Day.

A YES response will direct you to the page to request an Absentee ballot. Or you can go there directly.

CCDC Zoom Meeting May 3 (rescheduled)

On May 3rd, from 3 to 5 PM, we held a virtual meeting that centered around the draft Platform.  Ben Grant, Chair of the 2020 Maine Democratic Party Platform committee, assisted us and accepted comments and discussion.

We also held a brief business meeting. One of the necessary actions was to elect at-large members of the CCDC (who can participate and vote in future meetings).

The zoom meeting was streamed live to YouTube and recorded so everyone can see the presentation and discussion.

A recording of the meeting in zoom format is available here:

Recording Password: 3y.3n1Nj

2020 Caucuses

March 8 Caucus: We now have the schedule for caucus times and locations in Cumberland County. Check out the MDP website You will find your caucus there.  You can also pre-register. Then come to the CCDC meeting on Feb. 23 to find out what you can expect at the caucus and to get ready for the virtual rally on March 8. 

Reminder – the term of membership for the Cumberland County Democratic Committee runs from caucus to caucus.  That means, at the March 8 caucus, your towns will be electing new delegates.  If you want to be a delegate, make sure you run.  If you run and lose, you can still become a delegate by coming to a CCDC meeting and asking to become an at-large member.  

101 Years of Activism: Celebrating Strong Women in Politics and Community

Would you be willing to contribute to open offices in Cumberland County so we can send moving vans to the White House and Senator Collins’ offices in 2020?  Well, here’s a teaser.  There will be a fundraiser on April 7, 6-8, at the Rising Tide Brewery.  The theme is 101 Years of Activism: Celebrating Strong Women in Politics and Community. We will be honoring Frances Perkins and women who have followed in her footsteps to bring progressive change to Maine. Click title for details and to purchase tickets.

CCDC Quarterly Meeting

Feb. 23, 3:00 – 5:00pm
Spruce Room
Westbrook Community Center
Bridge St., Westbrook

Doors will open at 2:30.  All Democrats welcome.


Brief business meeting

Primary and caucus process demystified.  We’ve had many questions about the difference.  Should I go to both?  If I only go to one, which one should it be? Why should I go to the caucus if I’ve already voted?  If I go, what are the activism options available?  We’ll be ready to walk you through the connection between the primary and the caucus and from the caucus to the convention.

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