No Culling Here

Cynthia Dill’s divisive rhetoric is not representative of the Democratic Party we know. Despite the example Ms. Dill sets, we are not a party of elitists who shun working class and rural voters. Quite the contrary, we strive to be the party of the people.

The Cumberland County Democratic Committee welcomes all who identify as Democrats. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Carhartt or Armani; whether you wear flannel or silk; whether you were born and raised in Maine or are from away; whether you drive a Prius or a pickup; it doesn’t matter whether your bumper sticker says “Hillary” or “Bernie”.

We meet next on April 9th. (Check back for details). Like all Democrats, Ms. Dill is welcome to attend, but the elitism must be checked at the door.

Cumberland County Democratic Committee Executive Committee


  • John Branson

    That’s an extremely aspirational vision, but here’s to aspiring.

  • Dozier Bell

    This statement from the CCDC seems to be responding to a different piece than the one I read in the BDN.
    I believe Ms. Dill was referring to the folks who held “Bern the Witch” rallies, and aimed some of the worst invective at Clinton supporters that many of us have experienced online in any context. As Ms. Dill points out, it’s a phenomenon that Sanders himself tried unsuccessfully to squelch. It’s the one thing parts of our party had in common with Trump supporters. Not many of us are interested in making common cause with sexists.

  • Karen Hessel

    (This version has the typos corrected)

    Feels to me the CCDC Executive Committee over reacted to Cynthia DIll’s op ed. It was an opinion piece (her opinion) and did not purport to represent any Democratic party, but a view I share that the disruptive and immature Bernie supporters do a disservice to all of us, and my friends who supported Bernie were also offended by the misguided and rude behavior of the mostly “guys” who have been rude and disrespectful to all of us. Bernie was not and is not a Democrat. While he inspired people and offered some alternative ideas many of us support, these guys aka “Bernie Bros” undermine their own cause and ours. Cynthia has every right and responsibility to express her views in an opinion piece. For you to disavow it is silly.

  • Kathy Strand

    Just came from a Maine Dem gathering at which I met Rachel –and look forward to learning more about Cumberland County Dem Committee and supporting its events/outreach, etc. So I was taken aback to be greeted upon my first visit to the website with this response to Cynthia Dill’s opinion piece. After reading her column again, I agree with Karen Hessel and Dozier Bell’s comments. I actually read the column thinking it was a call for greater inclusion and leaving behind the labeling rhetoric used by some in both camps within the Democratic Party last year.

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